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Nintendo Confirms Big Update for Splatoon 2 Starting This Week…

Starting this week Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will be getting a host of fresh new content!

Sam Tree Nov 21, 2017 Comments

PC Gaming versus Console Gaming: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Ever since the 80’s, the old PC Gaming versus Console Gaming debate has divided the gaming community. Each gaming method has their merits and in the e…

Adele Kruger Nov 16, 2017 Comments

Free Update Adds Grand Prix Mode and More to Super Bomberman R…

Konami has today announced that a free update to Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch will bring with it a host of new content as well as a new m…

Sam Tree Nov 15, 2017 Comments

7 Features Every Future-Proof Gaming Headset Must Have

Want to have the perfect gaming experience? Then you need the right sound system. Having a subwoofer and surround speakers around you might seem like…

Glacier Gaming Nov 12, 2017 Comments

Batman - The Telltale Series Coming to Nintendo Switch this Novem…

Telltale has announced the first season of their episode take on the Caped Crusader will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month as both a p…

Sam Tree Nov 09, 2017 Comments

Rocket League Launch Trailer

With the release of Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch only a week away, Psyonix has released a new launch trailer giving fans a look at what to exp…

Sam Tree Nov 08, 2017 Comments

Third Party Wireless Controller "Trident PRO-S" Available Now for…

Players looking for an affordable wireless controller for their Nintendo Switch have been out of luck as of late. The only options being the official…

Sam Tree Nov 07, 2017 Comments

Join the Uprising! And Maybe Check Out the Sonic Forces Launch Tr…

Sonic Forces launches today on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. To celebrate, SEGA has released a launch trailer showing Sonic and…

Sam Tree Nov 07, 2017 Comments

Farming Simulator Sprouts a Launch Trailer

With Farming Simulator going live on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow. Focus Home Interactive has released a launch trailer for the game.

Sam Tree Nov 06, 2017 Comments

Join the Eggman Army!

It must be hard for Dr Eggman and his army of mindless drones. Being constantly defeated by Sonic and co, it must be hard to recruit new members. Luck…

Sam Tree Nov 03, 2017 Comments

Take on 20 Years Worth of Villains in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon…

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that the rumoured Rainbow Team Rocket are indeed real and made up of villains from the series and led by none other…

Sam Tree Nov 02, 2017 Comments

The Watch Dogs Experience in Real Life

For those who don’t know, Watch Dogs is a thrill-seeking action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. Players engage with main protagonist Aiden Pierce…

Jayson Goetz Nov 02, 2017 Comments


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