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Larvitar Confirmed for Next Pokémon Go Community Day

Make a note on your calendars in June Pokémon Trainers as Larvitar has been confirmed as the next monster to take the spotlight during Pokémon Go’s ne…

Pokémon Go Live May 23, 2018 Comments

Codemasters Release new OnRush Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer released today for Codemasters’ upcoming arcade racing game, OnRush, focuses on teamwork based takedowns that’ll help win the race.

Sam Tree May 17, 2018 Comments

Could These Domains Confirm New Pokémon Titles?

The Pokémon rumours have kicked up a notch with the registration of Pokémon related domains.

Sam Tree May 16, 2018 Comments

Pokémon Go Charmander Community Day - Everything you Need to Know…

Pokémon Go Community Day’s are monthly events where Niantic increases the spawn rate of a particular Pokémon, giving players the chance to catch somet…

Sam Tree May 16, 2018 Comments

Rage 2 Teaser Trailer

Due to the recent leak regarding a number of games, Bethesda has released the teaser trailer for the sequel to their post-apocalyptic shooter: Rage 2.…

Sam Tree May 14, 2018 Comments

Team Xecuter Unvails their Nintendo Switch Mod Device

In an email sent out today Team Xecuter has finally released information about their Nintendo Switch mod device which they original teased back in Jan…

Sam Tree May 14, 2018 Comments

Capcom Confirm Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo S…

It’s only taken Capcom a year but the gaming giant has finally confirmed that there will be a Monster Hunter game on the Switch in the West.

Sam Tree May 11, 2018 Comments

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead – Grant Trailer

Less than a month since the last character reveal, Overkill has released the next chapter of their four-part character cinematic series by revealing G…

Daryll Marsh May 10, 2018 Comments

Konami Confirms August Release Date for PES2019

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be released at the end of August this year and will see a number of new licensed league, stad…

Sam Tree May 09, 2018 Comments

KURSK - In Engine Trailer Revealed

Polish game developer Jujubee has revealed an in-engine trailer for their upcoming first-person adventure/survival game “KURSK” – coming to PC, Mac, P…

Daryll Marsh May 09, 2018 Comments

Asemblance: Oversight PS4 Release Date Revealed

Developer Nilo Studios has announced via the US PlayStation Blog that Asemblance: Oversight, the follow up to/continuation of their 2016 first-person…

Daryll Marsh May 09, 2018 Comments

Conon Exiles Launch Trailer Released as Game Surpasses One Millio…

Grab your swords and leather strappy armour as Conan Exiles officially launches today on PC and consoles. To mark the occasion Funcom has released a n…

Sam Tree May 08, 2018 Comments

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