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Need for Speed Payback Official Customisation Trailer

EA have released a narrated trailer which goes into greater depth in terms of the level of customisation in the latest installment of the Need For Spe…

Daryll Marsh Jul 27, 2017 Comments

Splatoon 2 Patch Version 1.1.2 Out Now

Splatoon 2 has been updated to version 1.1.2; a couple of fixes as well as some weapon tweaks.

Sam Tree Jul 27, 2017 Comments

Zombie Games - A RETROspective

Recently horror fans learned of the sad news that George A. Romero, the father of zombie films had passed away at the age of 77. We have Romero to th…

Daryll Marsh Jul 27, 2017 Comments

Arizona Sunshine DLC and Update 1.02 Details

Vertigo Games has announced that owners of PS VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine will receive free post launch DLC and have addressed some player feed…

Daryll Marsh Jul 26, 2017 Comments

Venom Release Gaming Headset with Vibration Feedback

UK gaming peripheral specialist Venom releases virtual 7.1 surround sound headset that’s not only multi-format compatible but also features smart vibr…

Sam Tree Jul 25, 2017 Comments

Observer_ The Year Is 2084 Trailer

Developer Bloober Team has released a new trailer for their cyberpunk themed first-person psychological horror Observer_ along with the announcement t…

Daryll Marsh Jul 20, 2017 Comments

Telltale Announces Final Season of The Walking Dead, Batman: The…

Telltale has today released a Nintendo Direct style video announcing three new seasons for some of their popular series: The Walking Dead, Batman and…

Sam Tree Jul 19, 2017 Comments

Sony's Working on PlayStation 4 Firmware Version 5 and You Could…

Sony has announced that they are working on the next major version of the PlayStation 4 firmware, version 5.0. Will it finally come with the ability t…

Sam Tree Jul 19, 2017 Comments

“Building The Town of Light” a Behind the Scenes Video of The Tow…

You’ve played the game and perhaps even read our review on The Town of Light; now indie developer gives us a look behind the curtain at how the…

Sam Tree Jul 19, 2017 Comments

Nintendo Online Chat App Now Available [Updated]

Nintendo’s online companion app for the Switch is now live. The app, once set up will allow players to chat with one another during online play; such…

Sam Tree Jul 19, 2017 Comments

Kingdom Hearts III Enters the World of Toy Story

Disney and Square Enix have revealed that Sora, Donald and Goofy will be travelling to the world of Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts III.

Sam Tree Jul 17, 2017 Comments

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Getting Pulled from Steam Store

Valve has confirmed that they will be removing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD from the Steam store for good next week.

Sam Tree Jul 12, 2017 Comments


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