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Nintendo Switch Online Service to Launch During the Second half o…

Nintendo has confirmed that the online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch will be launching during the latter half of September this year; b…

Sam Tree Aug 10, 2018 Comments

Release Date for Futuristic Racer GRIP: Combat Racing Announced…

The futuristic racer from Wired Productions, GRIP: Combat Racing, finally has a release date.

Sam Tree Aug 02, 2018 Comments

Nintendo Updates 3DS to Version 11.8 and Breaks Luma Custom Firmw…

Although the 3DS is nearing the end of its life cycle, it would seem that Nintendo is still trying to squash any remaining bugs that may be lingering…

Sam Tree Jul 31, 2018 Comments

Hitman 2 – Sniper Assassin Competition Announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the HITMAN: Sniper Assassin Competition, an all-new challenge for fans to put their marksman sk…

Daryll Marsh Jul 26, 2018 Comments

SX Pro and SX OS Review

Team Xecutor stunned the Nintendo Switch community back in January with the announcement of their solderless and future-proof method of installing cus…

Sam Tree Jul 26, 2018 Comments

Could Spyro Be Landing on the Nintendo Switch and PC?

For a very brief moment, it looked as if the purple dragon would be coming to the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sam Tree Jul 20, 2018 Comments

South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC 'Bring the Crunch' Releas…

Releasing on all platforms later this month, the ‘Bring the Crunch’ DLC pack adds a whole new story campaign as well as a new Superhero class to South…

Sam Tree Jul 18, 2018 Comments

Shadow of War Goes Cold Turkey on Microtransactions

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War released last October; at a time when the future of microtransactions was rocky at best. In an ever-evolving environment,…

Sam Tree Jul 18, 2018 Comments

Pokémon Funko Pops Incoming

Funko – the company behind the popular collectable Pop Vynl figures – has recently acquired the rights to produce Pokémon figures in their quirky styl…

Sam Tree Jul 13, 2018 Comments

Get Ready for Battlefield V with Freebies for Battlefield 1 and B…

To celebrate the lead up to the release of Battlefield V, EA and Dice are giving away the series’ previous games DLC for free.

Sam Tree Jul 13, 2018 Comments

The Bear and Bird Figure Head Pays Homage to Banjo-Kazooie in Sea…

Sea of Thieves developer Rare recently opened a poll on their Twitter page for players to vote on a new figurehead to be added into the game. The them…

Sam Tree Jul 05, 2018 Comments

Nintendo Has More Up It's Sleeve for 2018

With E3 done been and gone, we’ve had time for the dust to settle. And as the magnitude of releases has finally begun to sink in, it’s clear that Nint…

Sam Tree Jul 04, 2018 Comments

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