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Mad Catz Announce New R.A.T Gaming Mice

Recently revived Mad Catz has announced a new range of gaming mice in their R.A.T range.

Sam Tree Nov 07, 2018 Comments

[Rumour] Could YouTube be Coming to the Nintendo Switch this Week…

Fans have been requesting video streaming features on the Nintendo Switch since it launched in March last year. Our friends over the pond were given a…

Sam Tree Nov 06, 2018 Comments

Rapunzel Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Shows Square Enix Can do Disney…

Square Enix is known for producing some truly stunning video games and the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III – featuring Rapunzel as well as a ple…

Sam Tree Nov 05, 2018 Comments

Sony Releases First Trailer for MediEvil Remake

Announced during last year’s PlayStation Experience, Sony has today released the first trailer for their upcoming remake of MediEvil.

Sam Tree Oct 31, 2018 Comments

Super Smash Bros. Direct Announced - Airs this Thursday!

Hot on the heels of the alleged full roster leak for Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo has confirmed there will be one final Nintendo Direct focusing on t…

Sam Tree Oct 30, 2018 Comments

As the Pokémon Hype Builds Nintendo Releases New Trailer for Poké…

With only a month to go before trainers returning and new start a reimagined adventure in the Kanto region, Nintendo has released a new trailer to whe…

Sam Tree Oct 15, 2018 Comments

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Release Date Announced

Microïds and Eden Games have released some new images for their upcoming racer, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 and confirmed the title will have a World Wide r…

Sam Tree Oct 09, 2018 Comments

Microsoft Unvails Details about Project xCloud

Microsoft have been working on a cloud gaming service, to bring high quality gaming to players on any device. They want to make gaming accessible to e…

Sam Tree Oct 08, 2018 Comments

Skybound Games to Save Final Season of The Walking Dead

In an exciting development following the unfortunate closure of Telltale Games, Skybound Games, founded by the Walking Dead’s creator, Robert Kirkman,…

Sam Tree Oct 08, 2018 Comments

Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far Announced for PlayStation 4…

Square Enix has today announced a new Kingdom Hearts compilation for the PlayStation 4 which collects together the current Kingdom Hearts chapters in…

Sam Tree Oct 05, 2018 Comments

New Game Minecraft: Dungeons, Pandas and More Announced at Mineco…

It looks like Mojang has been busy lately. In an announcement at the Anual Minecon event the company revealed a new game that will be coming to the PC…

Sam Tree Sep 30, 2018 Comments

Sony Finally Allows Cross Platform Play

In a historic announcement made today, Sony has confirmed that they will be allowing cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ninte…

Sam Tree Sep 26, 2018 Comments

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