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Image & Form Confirm SteamWorld Heist for Nintendo Switch

Piper Faraday and her ragtag group of steambots are making their way to the Nintendo Switch later this month in SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition.

Sam Tree Dec 16, 2017 Comments

Pokémon Crystal Coming to the 3DS in January 2018

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokémon Crystal will be coming to the 3DS family of consoles early next year, and like Pokémon Gold and Silver it will als…

Sam Tree Dec 14, 2017 Comments

Nintendo Switch Version 4.1.0 Now Live

Nintendo has rolled out version 4.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Users looking to update should get the automatic prompt when they next turn on their sy…

Sam Tree Dec 05, 2017 Comments

Nine Parchments Launch Trailer

Frozenbyte’s top-down dungeon crawler Nine Parchments is out today on the Nintendo eShop, Steam, The Humble Store and GOG.

Sam Tree Dec 05, 2017 Comments

Capcom Announces Mega Man 11 to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Capcom has today announced a new game in the main series of popular Mega Man titles due for release later next year to celebrate the franchises 30th a…

Sam Tree Dec 04, 2017 Comments

Yooka-Laylee Finally Has a Nintendo Switch Release Date

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Playtonic Games has finally confirmed a solid release date for Yooka-Laylee on the Nintendo Switch.

Sam Tree Nov 29, 2017 Comments

Nine Parchments Demo Available for Nintendo Switch

Fans of the dungeon crawler rejoice! Frozenbyte has confirmed that while Nine Parchments is still in the submission phase with Nintendo, a demo is ava…

Sam Tree Nov 23, 2017 Comments

Gameplay Trailer Released for Gothic Horror Adventure Game Black …

In development by KING Art Games, Black Mirror is a gothic horror adventure game due for release later this month.

Sam Tree Nov 22, 2017 Comments

Nintendo Confirms Big Update for Splatoon 2 Starting This Week…

Starting this week Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will be getting a host of fresh new content!

Sam Tree Nov 21, 2017 Comments

PC Gaming versus Console Gaming: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Ever since the 80’s, the old PC Gaming versus Console Gaming debate has divided the gaming community. Each gaming method has their merits and in the e…

Adele Kruger Nov 16, 2017 Comments

Free Update Adds Grand Prix Mode and More to Super Bomberman R…

Konami has today announced that a free update to Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch will bring with it a host of new content as well as a new m…

Sam Tree Nov 15, 2017 Comments

7 Features Every Future-Proof Gaming Headset Must Have

Want to have the perfect gaming experience? Then you need the right sound system. Having a subwoofer and surround speakers around you might seem like…

Glacier Gaming Nov 12, 2017 Comments


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