Rainbow Six Siege Skull Rain Update is Out Today
Author: Chris Jones | Posted: 2 August 2016, 12:00

The guys at Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege continue to support the game today with two brand new operators and a whole host of game improvements and bug fixes. Skull Rain is the name of this latest update and it brings with it a new map set in the favelas in Rio De Janerio that is free to all from the 2nd of August. If you don’t have the season pass then you will have to wait another week to try out the two new BOPE operators when they can be bought for 25,000 renowned.

In defence we have Caveria. With her silent steps, she can easily sneak up on an enemy and use her interrogation skill to demand the positions of the rest of the team which, as you can probably tell, really aids the defenders. So if you’re one of those attackers that like to go lone wolf you should watch your back, Caveria is your new deadliest enemy.

On the attacking side of things, we have Capitao. His primary appears to be some form of LMG but his skill is what really sets him apart from the rest. The crossbow you will find in Capitao’s pocket is really one that can give the attackers a tactical advantage. It has two fire modes, a smoke bolt that can be used to screen you from the enemy and allow you to move without being detected, whilst the asphyxiating bolt can be used to burn the oxygen where ever it lands. The size of the area of effect really will determine how useful this aggressive bolt is so we will have to wait and see what it is like. If anything, though, it will be useful for getting those pesky defenders out of corners and out from behind their shields.

Along with this update comes a new game mode called Tactical Realism, essentially a hardcore mod. The HUD is removed, you can’t mark enemies and you won’t get your kills confirmed. Bullet management is also realistic meaning reloading without emptying your magazine will lead to you losing a load of bullets. If you are looking for a more challenging mode, then this is definitely for you.

There is a lot of game health improvements too aimed at improving the experience for all. The new client-side anti-cheat software is being installed as well as harsher punishment for team killers that should deter the worst offenders. One of the more significant changes is that body parts will no longer clip through walls, we hope anyway. If this is true, then we should now feel safe to hunker down against the corners without the fear of body parts being revealed to the enemy.

Many of the operators have received bug fixes too so if you want to see if your favourite characters have received some fixes you can find the list here .

You can also view the Skull Rain operator trailer below.



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