Top Tips to Play Better at Titanfall 2’s Multiplayer
Author: Glacier Gaming | Posted: 17 November 2016, 10:00

Titanfall 2 can have a pretty steep learning curve if you’ve not played the original, or if you’re just starting out. It can be even worse if you opt not to play the campaign or at least the training part of the game, but don’t worry here are some tips to help you play a better game of Titanfall 2.

Play to Your Playstyle
If you’re more of a sniper player, then try to play more as a sniper class, the same can be said for players who prefer to use shotguns or SMG’s. No matter what kind of play style you’ve got, Titanfall 2 can cater for you with their initial prebuilt loadouts and weapon selections. Just because everybody else may choose to run around using CAR’s and you use the Kraber, doesn’t mean you have to switch. Eventually, you will find that balance and learn to adopt your own tactics into the game.

Get to Know the Titans
Titanfall originally gave us a very limited number of Titans to play with, and even then there could be very little difference, but this time around there are six Titans at launch, and each plays completely differently. You get to start with Ion and Scorch, but you may prefer to play as Tone, which you’ll unlock later on. Getting an idea of how the Titans differ can make a huge different to your play style, whether you choose to pilot your Titan or just have it controlled by AI.

Choose Your Loadout Well
It goes without saying that you’ll want to choose your loadout well. A good player will have several different loadouts to choose from, depending on the map and game mode they’ll be playing. There’s no point having a loadout with anti-Titan weapons in a Pilots only game type, so make the most of those loadout slots. Snipers will want to make the most of active camo, whilst if you plan on running around the map, maybe consider the grapple. There’s a huge number of combinations at your fingertips, so make the most of them.

Get Used to the Movement Mechanics
Titanfall 2 is all about the movement, and failing to adapt can lead to other players running circles around you. That building to your left could make an excellent wall running platform, and using the games parkour mechanics will allow you to make your way through the map in no time. There are lots of guides and methods out there to teach you to run and gun effectively, and to really make headway in Titanfall 2, it will be worth reading a few.

Take the Alternative Approach
Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or effort to really up your game in a new title. There’s always new games coming out, and you may only be effectively playing the multiplayer for a few short weeks, so why bother really going all out? If that sounds like you, then maybe you want to look at websites like ( for an alternative approach to improving your skills.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to get better at Titanfall 2 but these are some of the main approaches to really upping your game. Just remember, the more you play, the better you’ll generally get, so don’t get disheartened and expect to be amazing right away.


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