New Final Fantasy VII Remake Artwork and Final Fantasy XV DLC Details Announced
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 31 January 2017, 14:46

Today marks the first day of a year-long celebration of the Final Fantasy series, and to kick off the 30th anniversary Square Enix has released some new information for some of their upcoming titles as well as a first look at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary logo.

The image, which can be seen above, was revealed along with the official website as well as the hashtag #FF30th that fans can use to share their favourite experiences as well as track any events that may occur during the year through social media.

During the opening ceremony, Shinji Hashimoto, Final Fantasy Brand Manager, announced more information on som upcoming titles, including the Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age release date , some new artwork for the Final Fantasy VII remake as well as some more information on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC, FINAL FANTASY XV: Episode Gladio.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Although the question on everyone’s mind, “When is it coming?”, wasn’t announced, Square Enix did tease fans with this new image, which shows Cloud and his iconic Buster Sword standing before the Shin Ra Electric Company and Sephiroth ominously hovering in the background. With any luck, more details will be revealed soon.


Upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV was also announced during the ceremony. The first is the Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack (free) and the Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack+ will be made available to players and season pass holders respectively on the 21st of February. This DLC content will contain powerful items to help Noct and the gang take down the Empire, including the invincible outfit, the “Magitek Exosuite” which will give players an advantage during battle and turns the main characters into Power Rangers, by the look of it. (Picture below).

FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Gladio is due to be released on the 28th of March and will be available to players who have purchased the Premium Edition or the Season Pass for free of charge. It will also be made available for purchase through the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store. This DLC episode will allow players to experience a segment of the game from the perspective of everyone’s favourite Kingsglaive, Gladio, as well as featuring one of the franchise’s fan-favourite characters, Gilgamesh. If you’ve already played Final Fantasy XV, you may already have an idea of where this DLC fits in; though it is entirely possible that this assumption is incorrect. I guess we’ll find out on the 28th of March.

Are you looking forward to the year’s celebrations? Or are you more concerned with information on the Final Fantasy VII remake? Let us know in the comments below.


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