Why the PC is the Way Forward
Author: Glacier Gaming | Posted: 11 March 2017, 14:55

In the gaming world, the PC is considered to be the king of all, with consoles being the lords and ladies of the court; they’re great but just not quite as good as the monarchy. But what makes the PC reign supreme? It’s superior visual output and performance are a given, but there are a number of other things that the PC can do better than consoles.

Video Streaming
Yes, consoles of this day and age also have various video streaming apps such as Netflix, Now TV and YouTube, but they’re very limited to where they can stream their content from. With the advent of many smaller outlets serving their own media, consoles often lack the codecs needed to view the material making PC users an essential part to the survival of smaller streaming sites.

On Demand Gaming
A small market at the moment which is surely growing. Services such as Utomik offer gamers the option to play games on demand, without the need to pre-purchase or preload the entire game to their system. While yes, Sony does have their PlayStation Now service, I feel that the PC does it better.

Ability to Upgrade
Probably one of the biggest factors of the PC is the ability to upgrade its various components. Is a game running a little bit sluggish? Pop in a new processor, graphics card and RAM for the fraction of the cost of a whole new machine. No need to replace the entire system when the new generation comes out.

Browser Based Games
Browser based games are becoming a big hit. Battlestar Galactica, World of Warships and Naruto Online to name a few. With no installation required players can enjoy them on less powerful machines. Even online betting sites are becoming more and more commonplace due to their ease of access and reliability. Offering a number of different games that fit everyone’s tastes. Gambling in games is nothing new, Team Rocket’s bid to open their own coin slot hall in Pok√©mon Red and Bue always springs to mind, so the next logical step was always going to be betting in a virtual environment, but for real life prizes. Something that consoles, again, may struggle with using their own simplistic browsers. Sure, in some situations a game controller is nice but I found with online betting sites you just can’t beat a good ol’ mouse and keyboard.

Near Unlimited Storage
This is a big one for me. 500GB on my PlayStation 4 is nowhere near enough space to store all of my games. Compared to my PC’s monstrous 4TB hard drive, it pales in comparison. While Sony has always made it easy to upgrade your consoles drive, Microsoft has only in this generation allowed players to change their hard drives, while Nintendo are still a little behind and sticking to flash storage.

So there you have it, a few reasons why the PC might be better than a stand alone console. Don’t get me wrong, love my PlayStation 4, but I’d be lost without my PC.


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