Meet the Characters of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom in this New Trailer
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 7 April 2017, 11:11

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is an action RPG developed by indie studio Enigami and is due for digital release on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in just over a week. Before players are let loose on the world of Mahera, Focus Home Interactive invites you to meet the main characters in this new trailer.

The idea behind Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom was first formed over 20 years ago by the co-founder of Enigami. Samir Rebib. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game is now a realisation and features five playable characters each with their own abilities and personalities.

  • Chado – This daring young Waki dreams of travelling far beyond his home town Kimpao – and this desire quickly lands him in big trouble!
  • Poky – A faithful friend to Chado, Poky has an incredible talent for engineering that makes up for his lack of courage.
  • Rosalya – Shy but loyal to the party, Rosalya has a powerful affinity with fire and is on the search for a mysterious truth.
  • Askel – A formidable young mercenary, the enigmatic Askel already has a far-reaching reputation in Mahera.
  • Kayenne – A strong, natural born leader, Kayenne remains calm in even the most difficult situations.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is due for digital release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 18th of April 2017


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