Exo-Suits Look Painful in The Surge's Launch Trailer
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 12 May 2017, 11:53

Ahead of next week’s launch of Deck13’s The Surge, Focus Home Interactive has released the game’s launch trailer; which if it teaches me one thing, it’s that exo-suits look incredibly painful to have equipped.

The minute and a half CGI trailer doesn’t reveal a lot but features protagonist and CREO employee, Warren, kicking ass against cybernetically enhanced enemies. Take a look below.

The Surge features an intuitive loot system which is based entirely off of you in-game combat. Using an array of horizontal and vertical slicing moves in visceral combat, players are able to individually target specific body parts. Damaging and then eventually slicing the part off completely determines the prize. this system allows players to opt for shorter battles by targeting unarmoured parts of an enemy but risking lower lever rewards.

The Surge is out next week on the 16th of May for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. What do you think? Will you be adding The Surge to your collection? Let us know in comments.



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