Bide Needs Your Help!
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 12 May 2017, 13:35

We love innovative and creative games here at Glacier Gaming, and we feel that Bide is one such game. Currently on Steam Green Light, Bide is an action adventure puzzle game like none other.

Indie developer OkayPlace describes Bide as a “3rd person narrative-driven action-adventure puzzle game” where players are encouraged to explore and uncover clues to solve the puzzles on-screen.

The puzzles in-game are linked to the physical movements of the character and require some out of the box thinking to solve. The entire game which includes coding, animation, character models as well as the soundtrack have all been created by OkayPlace.

You can check out some gameplay footage below.

Gameplay consists largely of puzzles that correspond to the physical actions the character is carrying out. These puzzles can be cryptic, but the solutions are intuitive and subtle hints to their meaning and how to complete them are spread throughout the narrative. Completing these tasks, while managing some survival-esque dynamics, advances the player through the story. By completing more advanced puzzles, or finding ingenious solutions, the player can open up additional narrative pathways.

Some aspects of the gameplay at first seem unclear, as the player is cast into the role of an alienated and lonely war-time employee. As the game progresses, the impact of the players’ actions on the surroundings and the storyline start to unravel.

You can find out more about Bide on its Steam Page here and if you like what you see, why not give it an upvote?



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