Review Score Framework v1.2
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 4 March 2017, 13:42

Here at Glacier Gaming we strive to offer honest reviews, and to score games consistently on both their merits and their flaws. In order to achieve consistency, we all work to the same scoring framework on a scale of 1-10. The score takes a number of factors into account including – but not limited to – graphics, plot (if any), longevity, playability, replayability and much more. Here’s how or scoring system works:

PERFECT An instant classic, one that would be considered one of the best examples of its genre. A score of ten is achieved by a consensus vote amongst the rest of the GG team having either played the game as well, or having read the review and watched actual gameplay footage / live stream of the reviewer playing the game.
EXCELLENT An amazing gaming experience that will appeal to the vast majority of games for a number of reasons outlined in the main body of the review
GREAT An extremely well-rounded gaming experience, but one that lacks the certain wow factor (in the case of a franchise, does not deviate from the tried and tested formula of its predecessors) that would make it truly great for reasons outlined in the body of the review


A decent gaming experience that brings something new to the genre, and may attract new fans. The reason is offered in the main body of the review


A game with a unique selling point, or one that will attract existing fans of the genre only. The reason is offered in the main body of the review
AVERAGE A game you could take or leave; one that doesn’t bring anything new to the market, but has no significant issues provided in the main body of the review
BELOW AVERAGE A game hampered by lack of originality, redeemed by a single factor outlined in the main body of the review
BAD A game with some noticeable issues in terms of graphics, gameplay or plot (if applicable) stated in the main body of review
FLAWED A game with several major issues, such as graphics, gameplay mechanics or the game’s plot (if applicable) mentioned in the main body of review
AWFUL A game with no redeeming features whatsoever, completely unplayable for a number of reasons outlined in the main body of review

Review framework v1.2 – This framework is applicable for any review written on or after 4th March 2017

Review framework v1.1 can be found here


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