My E3 TOP 5 – Where My Money is Going!
Author: Stephen Brown | Posted: 15 June 2017, 18:42

Warning, this article may contain spoilers, will contain geek gushing and certainly an odd nerdgasm educing video.

The thing that surprised me the most about E3 this year wasn’t the amazing looking games, the over Americanised hype or the amount of coffee I drank to stay awake long enough to get to the game demos! It was the fact that there is now zero doubt in my mind that I will own an HTC Vive VR kit this year and that’s for my first two games in my list.

You will note that although I’m predominantly an RTS player all the games below are first or third person shooters, so good do these games look.

Doom VFR

This is a must have for me, the last Doom was okay, however, being able to play this is VR just brought it to a new dimension for me. The graphics as you would expect from a new doom game are ground-breaking, the music will be great and we can be sure that from a franchise as well established and carefully managed as Doom it’s going to be good!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The new incarnation had me from the very first German joke, again graphically beautiful and as with every Wolfenstein game, it’s going to play well and deliver a solid experience. Oh and in VR, yes I’m sold. If I could pay them today I would.

The way they have brought the VR experience into the game looks intriguing and simple to use however time will tell if this is all eye candy or if they have really delivered a new gaming experience.

Far Cry 5

Nerdspooge everywhere, I’m not writing anymore just watch the videos! No, seriously click the link

Assassins Creed Origins

Another one of my favourite games in its next incarnation. Every AS game I have bought and played all the way through, bar none and this will be no different.

Combat has been getting better mechanically with every new version, same goes for the free running ability of the character.

The change that I really like the look of here is the way they have changed eagle vision, you now see as and control the eagle while time passes at a slower rate – fabulous, can’t wait to try this out and experience the added depth this will bring to an already mature gameplay model.

My one hope for ASO is strong charter development and plot – please don’t deliver another Desmond!

Star Wars Battlefront II

With around 100 hours played on the first Star Wars Battlefront, I can safely say this is going to be equally playable. The first game worked well this seems to me to bring more scenarios, more weapons, more characters, more maps and of course brand new and super amazing shiny graphics – wants not to like, check out at the link below and who knows may see you on the front later this year!

What didn’t I see that I was hoping for? Grand Theft Auto 6; though there’s always next year.



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