Netgear's Nighthawk S8000 Switch is the Perfect Hub for Any Household
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 28 June 2017, 08:35

We take our internet connection for granted. We do. We plug in our routers and leave them be. Working tirelessly night and day the overlooked devices serve us terabytes of data, all the while being hidden away and most often not used to their full potential. Netgear wants to change this, and it looks like they’re on the right track with the Nighthawk S8000 wireless router.

Working closely with the eSport community’s elite, Netgear has produced a router that’s both elegant and powerful offering simple plug ‘n’ play usability as well as full customisation for the more tech-savvy of users.

With its stealth bomber inspired design the S8000 is preconfigured out of the box allowing gamers to focus on what’s important: the payloads, the headshots, the critical hits. Netgear wants gamers to spend more time enjoying the games they love and not having to worry about port-forwarding, bandwidth or any of the other headaches that come with networking.

That’s not to say the options aren’t there. Featuring business grade hardware, the intimidating looking machine packs powerful customisation options that allow users to fully control their network. From port prioritisation for a NAS drive for the media streamers as well as the option to combine up to 4 ports together limiting the data bottleneck; great news for the Netflix junkies. Everything tiny detail has been thought of; but the bottom line is simple: limiting input lag to offer the best connections and most reliable online gaming experiences.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current hardware, you can pick up the Nighthawk S8000 for around £99.00 at most reliable computer outlets.


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