Venom Announces the 'Arcade Fight Stick'
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 29 June 2017, 14:01

UK based gaming accessory designer and manufacturer, Venom, has today announced a new peripheral that’s sure to delight beat-em-up and arcade goers alike. Introducing the Arcade Fight Stick.

The new controller has been designed with portability in mind which will please tournament players. With a small footprint, the Arcade Fight Stick can be used at home on a player’s lap or on a table or desk. Inspiration has been taken from the classic arcade joystick complete with the ball-top joystick and eight-button layout – and what joystick would be complete without a turbo functionality? Arcade veterans are sure to feel right at home.

The Arcade Fight Stick has also been developed to be cross-format compatable with a plug-and-play connection, so you’ll only need the one to play on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. No mention if it will work with the Nintendo Switch while in docked mode, but with the console’s recent firmware update that enables better controller compatibility we can live in hope. In addition, it’s three meter USB cable means player’s don’t need to sit with their noses pressed to their TV screens.

“The recent success of TEKKEN®7 has shown how popular the fighting game genre continues to be, and gamers looking to recreate the precession and authenticity of the arcade scene will always gravitate towards a specialty controller such as our Arcade Fight Stick,” said Tom Hodge, Director of Sales for Venom. “Our stick features true cross-format compatibility, a huge bonus for gamers who play across multiple formats. We believe that gamers will respond enthusiastically to the value and quality offered by our stick and expect to increase our market share in the controller category through its release at retail.”

With a number of fighting games available across all console ranges there’s no shortage of software to enjoy the Arcade Fight Stick with; especially with the recent release of TEKKEN 7 and Injustice 2. If you’re looking to pick one up you can do so for £59.99 on Amazon as well as retailers such as GAME. For more information on the Venom Arcade Fight Stick, check out the official website here.


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