Rebellion releases details on The True History of the Strange Brigade companion book
Author: Daryll Marsh | Posted: 3 August 2017, 14:12

Strange Brigade developer Rebellion has announced a joint venture with its publishing wing Abaddon to create The True History of the Strange Brigade, an anthology fiction paperback based on the upcoming pre-war adventure video game. Including stories by Cassandra Khaw, Gaie Sebold, Tauriq Moosa, Guy Adams and Jonathan L. Howard, The True History of the Strange Brigade is due to be published by Abaddon in January 2018.

Abaddon Editor-in-Chief David Moore had this to say:

“Working for a publishing house that’s also a video games studio is an extraordinary opportunity. When we started to see the concept art for Strange Brigade™ go up on the wall, I jumped on it. It’s a fun, engaging game, and the chance to get in at the ground floor – not just to tell the stories of the Brigade, but in small part to help shape the game itself – is amazing.”

Contributing authors commented:

“If ever there was a brigade I would happily join, it’s a Strange one. The world and the characters of the Strange Brigade are rich, fun and right up my street.”

“I was delighted to have the chance to contribute to something that feels so engaging and quirky. I loved writing Nalangu, and only hope other people enjoy her as much as I did.”

Strange Brigade is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, though a search of The True History of the Strange Brigade on shows the book’s release date as 9th January 2018 so, as it’s a companion to the game, could we expect to see Strange Brigade’s release around the same time?


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