Unlock Aloy's Bow and Armour in Monster Hunter: World Later this Month
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 9 February 2018, 16:36

Monster Hunter: World has been out for two weeks now and the game’s first special event has come to a close. With any luck, your Palico will be donning Watcher inspired armour and weapon from Horizon Zero Dawn. Starting at the end of this month, your hunter too will be able to hunt in style.

Starting on the 28th of February 2018 and ending on the 15th of March, players will be able to take on an HR 11 quest titled “The Proving”. Players will be tasked to take down an Anjanath which will reward them with special items, allow them to construct a replica of Aloy’s bow and armour from Horizon Zero Dawn.

As HZD is a PlayStation exclusive, the quest too will only be available on Sony’s flagship, so sorry Xbox One players, no Aloy armour for you.

Let us know what you think of the armour set in the comments below. Will you be slaying a couple of Anajath to get your hands on it?


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