Aragami: Nightfall - Official Trailer
Author: Daryll Marsh | Posted: 30 March 2018, 08:15

Spanish developer Linceworks has revealed an expansion pack to their excellent stealth game Aragami, named Nightfall. A prequel to the main game, Nightfall follows shadow assassins Hyo and Shinobu as they go after the mysterious ‘Alchemist’ in one last mission to bring back a long-lost companion.

Aragami: Nightfall provides an untold prologue to the award-winning stealth game, with the two new characters playable in either single or co-op multiplayer. The Nightfall expansion also brings some deadly new abilities to the party, including a cool looking shadow cat kill and what appear to be exploding kunai throwing knives

Aragami is due to be released on PC and PlayStation 4, with a date to be announced


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