Konami Confirms August Release Date for PES2019
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 9 May 2018, 14:25

Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be released at the end of August this year and will see a number of new licensed league, stadiums, clubs and more when it launches.

The developer has also confirmed that FC Barcelona star and global ambassador Philippe Coutinho will be gracing the cover of this years edition. It has also been confirmed that a special Devid Beckham edition will be made available featuring a modern-day Beckham on the cover.

Once again the team has worked closely with the new footballers to add them seamlessly into the game, making them lifelike as well as having their unique play style brought to life in-game.

In addition, Konami has confirmed that players will now suffer from visible fatigue which will have an impact on performance and behaviour as well as new shooting mechanics which will take into account improved ball physics, player and ball position and player skills and shot styles.

Add this to true-to-life visuals, 4K HDR, real-time global illumination and shadows; this means better graphics overall with better crow detail, real grass textures and the retuning snowy weather effect.

“KONAMI has listened to the fans and has put their changes and suggestions at the forefront of what makes PES 2019 the best addition to the franchise yet,” commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director for Brand and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “Our number one desire is to give the fans more of what they want and delivering it sooner than ever before. On August 30th, more licensed teams, more fully licensed leagues, and the continued improvement of PES’ superior gameplay. We believe in The Power of Football and that’s why PES 2019 will be our most powerful game yet, with 4K capabilities and improved player individuality bringing all aspects of football to life.”

PES2019 is due for release on the PlayStation4, Xbox One and the PC on the 30th of August 2018


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