Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 19 September 2018, 14:04

Who Says Smaller isn’t Better? After the success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES mini consoles, it looks like Sony has jumped on the bandwagon and confirmed what we all knew was coming: The PlayStation Classic.

Pre-loaded with 20 games, the PlayStation Classic is a smaller version of arguably one of the best consoles of its time, the original PlayStation. The Classic is 45% smaller than the original and comes with two controllers for split screen fun.

Look how small it is!

In addition, the PlayStation Classic supports HD gaming (720p and 480p) through HDMI to deliver a crisper image than the original and is powered by a micro USB cable. Interestingly enough, Sony has confirmed that original Memory cards will not be supported, so it looks like you won’t be able to boot up your old save files on the miniaturised system. In addition, you will not be able to officially download more games onto the system.

Games pre-loaded include:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Jumping Flash!
  • Tekken 3
  • Wild Arms

With more games to be confirmed.

The PlayStation Classic will launch globally on the 3rd of December and will set you back £89.99.

Source: Sony Press Email


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