Lost Planet 3 Review
Author: Nick Phillips | Posted: 5 September 2013, 15:23

Lost Planet 3, set again on the harsh environment of EDN3, as Earth’s resources run so low the only thing to do is find energy on other planets. You’re Jim Payton, a contractor hired by NEVEC on EDN3 to take hazard pay to find a new energy resource for Earth and to use the pay to keep his family afloat.

Set before Lost Planet 1 and 2 this chapter explains some questions to what actually happened on EDN3 and why NEVEC are really there, but as this origin story comes to a close, it raises more questions than it answers.

Lost Planet has been a favourite of mine, not for the game play, but for the environment, it’s visually stunning but can be daunting, you know the risks in the extreme cold and the effort to stay alive from collecting T Energy. You have to fight to live longer. But in LP3 this isn’t the case, this mechanic has been replaced with a visual fade upon death.A sad sight to see this go but it does have its plus sides, now the T ENG is used to purchase new weapons and upgrades to help you handle the monsters out there. These weapons vary from a rivet gun to a pulse rifle.

T ENG is gained from kills and doing missions. The world is open and divided into areas with many things to do, simple errands like fix a clamp, to collect T ENG from posts set up around the land. Then there are harder missions like a bounty placed on a class G Akrid causing trouble. Even the mundane tasks are fun and require your RIG at times, but mainly Payton can handle most issues.

The Enemies are the same as always. The Akrid, still many old favourites show up and they still all vary in size, but not many new varieties of these creepy glow monsters, nothing much new here except for the strategy of some enemies have changed to keep you off guard. It was nice to remember how to take some out, but then to see you change your game plan after you realise this isn’t the way any more. Still very fun to fight, offering an new way to play.

You start with your trusty pistol, and I do mean trusty. It always has ammo and when upgraded can take on even the toughest standard enemies. And many a time I’ve had a stand off with a few nasties and Betsy has had my back. You can carry two other weapons with your pistol, best to keep an eye on ammo as you do run dry almost after every encounter, but if by chance you are near your rig you can stock up and be ready to go.

Talking about the RIG, Payton has built this by himself and it shows, though massive in size, the handling and moves you can pull off make you wonder how long he has had this RIG. Armed with a mining drill and massive claw plus the chance to upgrade and get a winch, torch and a gigawatt generator (Mr Toasty) later in game, makes this a real beast that aids you in taking on G size Akrid in the environment. The Rig also gives a bonus to regen and allows you to see a more HUD like map and remaining ammo, as soon as you are out of range you lose this, making you think more about the next move you make and makes you become more cautious. You are regularly pushed away from the RIG, which changes the pace oft he game.

While away from the RIG you come across a lot of harsh terrain and dark caverns, again changing pace. Equipped with your torch and small arms in cramped areas are usually a back and forth situation. See an enemy, run away, find a open area or enough space to fire, kill, move on and repeat. This does get annoying, as anything that gets too close will rip you to shreds and you shoot past rather than scoring a hit. This at times has a major negative impact to game play, when I see a tight area I sigh and get on edge, not from the upcoming encounters but the limited ability to get a clean shot. Surely this wasn’t intended. Although I can’t complain about the encounters out in open terrain, this is very efficient and really fun, reminding me of monster hunter battles but with ranged weapons, this runs very similar and has a very easy smooth control making it a joy to hunt down Akrid

All in all LP3 has impressed me and reminded me of all the good old times of the Lost Planet series. I miss the Co-op side which added many hours to the game, now that has gone the replay value has deceased. Unless you are a secret hunter, where there is a lot to find and this will fill some hours up for you.

Stunning visuals with interesting combat, I hope they consider another addition to this in time to maybe fill in the gaps that’s generated in this chapter.

This review is based on playing the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 3 .



Stunning visuals and interesting combat, Now looking in to building a RIG

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    Lost Planet 3
    Spark Unlimited
    Single and multiplayer
    Release Date(s):
    August 27th 2013 (US), August 29th 2013 (JAP), August 29th 2013 (AUS), August 30th 2013 (EUR)
    PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
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