How to Fix Sky3DS Error Code: 002-0123
Author: Sam Tree | Posted: 24 November 2015, 09:52

The Sky3DS is a great device for those of us with a lot of games. Instead of carrying around a number of expensive cartridges you can keep them all saved on a single card. The main issue however, being it can be hard to go online with the Sky3DS, and this is to do with header files. In this tutorial I will outline how to correct the dreaded 002-0123 error code. This guide is intended for educational purposes only for use with your own backups. Glacier Gaming does not condone piracy.

If you have the Sky3DS+ (Orange Button), you need this guide instead.

I wrote this guide in order to help those who keep experiencing the 002-0123 error code when trying to play online with backup copies on the Sky3DS. You know, this error:

In order to follow this guide, you will need the following:

  • The backup of your game in either 3ds or 3dz format.
  • Your own private header – This can be ripped from any game, I chose to use a game with no online capabilities so that my games wouldn’t clash if they were ever to go online at the same time.
  • No Ban No Sky
  • Gateway ROM Patcher
  • The newest Sky3DS template file

Step One – Patching your private header to the template file
Okay, so to begin, you want to open No Ban No Sky, it should look a little like this:

First navigate to the folder where you store your template file and double click the txt file. For example I have renamed mine to NewTemplate.txt. Next do the same for your private header. You should see the right of No Ban No Sky change to look similar to this:

At this point you want to hit Patch ALL Games in template file, nothing will happen for a few seconds. A window should pop up similar to this one:

You may have a different number of games, it depends on your template file.

Hit the OK button and close No Ban No Sky.

Step Two – Making sure your template file matches your ROM

Now you want open up Gateway Rom Patcher. Run it as administrator to make sure nothing goes awry.

Click on the Load ROM button and navigate to the ROM you want to fix online. If it asks you if it an suggest a better value for the chip ID or byte value, just click on the yes button.

Click on the Import header from file button and load up your private header, the same one that you used in No Ban No Sky. Again, if it asks you any thing about chip IDs and bytes, just say yes.

You should have a screen that looks some thing like this:

You now want to open up your template file in notepad and search the file for the Game serial. So, I am trying to fix my Fantasy Life ROM, so the game ID is CTR-P-AFLP, it should look some thing like this in your template:

See the characters after the set of 00 00 00 00, you want to change this so that it matches the bottom Chip ID in Gateway ROM Patcher. So, for my ROM, I have changed the first 8 sets of characters to 00 00 00 00 45 FA 00 90. It is very important that you make sure you have the spaces in the correct place and that you use UPPERCASE letters.

There may be multiple entries for a single game, so make sure you change them all. For example Pokemon ORAS has about 4 entries.

It’s possible that the characters already match, in which case you’re good to go. It might also be that the bottom Chip ID box is empty, in that case use the values from the top Chip ID box.

Hit the save option on your template file and you’re done. You’ll need to repeat step two for every game you want to fix.

I wouldn’t bother applying the settings to the ROM file. It works without doing this.


  • You will need to add your new template file to Disk Writer and then re-add the game you want to work online before it will work. I’ve tested this on about 10+ of my backups which have online capabilities and it works fine.
  • You will need to repeat this whenever a new template file is released.

I hope this at least helps a few people. It took me a long while to piece together the information to get this working with as little hassle as possible.


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