Fallout 4 DLC Announced with the Season Pass Getting a Price Hike…

Bethesda has announced that they will be adding downloadable content to Fallout 4 as early as next month, in addition the Season Pass will be getting…

Sam Tree Feb 17, 2016 Comments

Dying Light: The Following's Enhanced Edition Adds a Brand-New Re…

Techland, the developer behind Dying Light have released a new trailer showcasing a new area which has been added to the Enhanced Edition of Dying Lig…

Sam Tree Jan 29, 2016 Comments

More Free Content Added to Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront was released on November to the sound of many-a-fan rejoicing. Unfortunately, despite how good the game is it can’t be denied t…

Sam Tree Jan 28, 2016 Comments

The Original Mythical Pokémon Mew is Coming to ORAS/XY

As part of the year long celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, players will be able to get hold of Mew the original mythical Pokémon from partici…

Sam Tree Jan 27, 2016 Comments

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is Free on Xbox One for Limited…

CD PROJEKT RED are the developers that just keep on giving it would seem. For a limited time, Xbox One owners can download The Witcher 2: Assassins of…

Sam Tree Jan 21, 2016 Comments

Mortal Kombat's 'Kombat Pack 2' Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer has just been released for Mortal Kombat’s upcoming ‘Kombat Pack 2’ which will introduce new characters, including the acid-ble…

Sam Tree Jan 12, 2016 Comments

Dying Light: The Following Story Trailer

Following last month’s teaser trailer for Dying Light’s upcoming expansion, The Following, Techland have today released a full story trailer; offering…

Sam Tree Jan 07, 2016 Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight Remaining Season Pass DLC Confirmed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has today announced the remaining DLC which will be available for Season Pass holders – to be released througho…

Sam Tree Oct 16, 2015 Comments

Who's Next? More DLC In Development for Mortal Kombat X

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that NetherRealm Studios are working on more DLC for Mortal Kombat X.

Sam Tree Sep 03, 2015 Comments

Has Ed Boon Hinted at Smoke as a DLC Character?

Ed Boon, the Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat and the Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios tweeted a seemingly innocent picture of the moon a couple of…

Sam Tree Sep 02, 2015 Comments

All 16 Free DLC's Now Available for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on A…

CD PROJEKT RED has announced that all of their planned free DLC for The Whitcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available on on all platforms. Including the much…

Sam Tree Aug 19, 2015 Comments

Rocket League Supersonic Fury Pack DLC Trailer

Everybody’s favourite automotive football hybrid developer, Psyonix, has released a new trailer showing off the games first DLC pack, the Supersonic F…

Sam Tree Aug 14, 2015 Comments

Mortal Kombat X "Tremor" Bundle Officially Announced

The gaming community have been speculating about the release of Tremor for Mortal Kombat X for a few weeks now, but today Warner Bros. Interactive Ent…

Sam Tree Jul 21, 2015 Comments

Batman Arkham Knight DLC Content "Batgirl: A Matter of Family" Da…

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have revealed the first story-driven DLC for Batma: Arkham Knight. This DLC is set before…

Sam Tree Jul 11, 2015 Comments

Predator Joins the Fray in Mortal Kombat X Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, the 7th of July, players will be able to download the long awaited Predator DLC for NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X.

Sam Tree Jul 06, 2015 Comments

Monster Hunter 4 June DLC is Now Live

This months free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 is now live, featuring new quests, weapons and armour for hunters to work towards.

Sam Tree Jun 09, 2015 Comments

Last DLC "The Executioner" Dated for The Evil Within

Bethesda have announced that the final piece of DLC for The Evil Within, titled “The Executioner”, will be released later this month.

Sam Tree May 21, 2015 Comments

“The Bozak Horde” Dying Light DLC Release Date Announced

Techland have announced the next DLC for their acclaimed zombie survival game, Dying Light will be out later this month. Titled “The Bozak Horde” this…

Sam Tree May 15, 2015 Comments

May Free DLC for Monster Hunter 4

Yesterday was the first Friday of May, which means more free DLC for Monster Hunter 4!

Sam Tree May 02, 2015 Comments

Nintendo Announce 200cc Mode for Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart 8 will be getting faster with a new update which will enable 200cc mode on all current tracks as well as a new

Sam Tree Apr 02, 2015 Comments

The Cage Family Return to Mortal Kombat X and Jason Voorhees Join…

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that the Cage family, consisting of Jonny Cage, his ex-wife Sonya Blade, and their daughter Cassi…

Sam Tree Mar 13, 2015 Comments

Free Zelda DLC Pack Available for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate…

Way, way back in September 2013 Nintendo and Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate would have downloadable armour to make your hunter look li…

Sam Tree Mar 06, 2015 Comments

Battlefield Premium Announced

Visceral Games has today announced that like previous titles before it, Battlefiled Hardline will be getting a Premium membership program.

Sam Tree Mar 02, 2015 Comments

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released The Bright Lord DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor along with a trailer. The DLC is a story m…

Sam Tree Feb 25, 2015 Comments

Bizarro World Pack for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is Now Availa…

The latest addition to the LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham season pass, the Bizarro World Pack, is available now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xb…

Sam Tree Feb 19, 2015 Comments

Dying Light Gets Hard Mode

Techland have today announced that the first of many title updates for their parkour, zombie survival game will include a hardcore mode for the more i…

Sam Tree Feb 12, 2015 Comments

Dying Light DLC Drop Dates Announced

Techland has announced today that all three “content drops” of the Dyling Light season pass will be released between now and May this year.

Sam Tree Feb 10, 2015 Comments

Arrow Inspired DLC Coming To LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Tomorro…

The Arrow add-on Pack which is inspired by the hit TV show Arrow which stars Stephen Amell as the bow slinging vigilante is coming tomorrow in the UK…

Sam Tree Jan 13, 2015 Comments

Destiny's Next DLC Leaked?

Has the next round of DLC already been leaked for Destiny? Apparently so. Originally found on an Italian Facebook group, the leaked image shows the ou…

Sam Tree Jan 03, 2015 Comments

Hyrule Warriors Second DLC Dubbed The Twilight Princess Pack…

Eiji Aonuma has released some details about the second DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors. Refered to as The Twilight Princess Pack, this DLC will introduce…

Sam Tree Nov 18, 2014 Comments

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