Konami Updates Super Bomberman R to Version 1.3

Super Bomberman R has been updated to version 1.3, which gives players 4 new VS maps as well as allowing the game to run at 60fps. Carry on reading fo…

Sam Tree Apr 21, 2017 Comments

Nintendo Switch Updated to Version 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 is out now for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like Nintendo’s new console is on it’s way to being just as stable as the 3DS is.

Sam Tree Apr 18, 2017 Comments

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Updated to Version 1.1.2…

If you turn your Switch (or possible your Wii U) on this morning you might notice that a new update has been pushed out for The Legend of Zelda: Breat…

Sam Tree Apr 12, 2017 Comments

PlayStation 4 Version Update 4.50 Finally Adds External Hard Driv…

Version 4.5, codenamed Sasuke, for the PlayStation 4 will finally give users the ability to use an external hard drive to store their games and variou…

Sam Tree Feb 03, 2017 Comments

3DS System Version 11.0.0-33 Out Now and Tries to Block Homebrew…

The 3DS has hit a milestone firmware with little to show for it other than the number 11. That’s right, you guessed it. Another stability update.

Sam Tree May 10, 2016 Comments

3DS Gets More Stability in Version 10.7.0-32

Firmware version 10.7.0-32 is now live for the 3DS and 2DS family of systems; bringing with it more stability. You know, instead of actual features.

Sam Tree Mar 15, 2016 Comments

3DS Firmware Version 10.5.0-30 Available

Another minor update for the 3DS family of systems.

Sam Tree Jan 26, 2016 Comments

3DS Version 10.4.0 Available and Kills Ironhax

It took longer than expected, but Nintendo have finally rolled out version 10.4.0 for the 3DS family of consoles, killing off a few access points for…

Sam Tree Jan 19, 2016 Comments

3DS Version 10.3.0-28 Now Live

In an attempt to block Smealum and his Homebrew Launcher, Nintendo has released a new – minor – update for the 3DS family of systems.

Sam Tree Nov 10, 2015 Comments

PlayStation 4 Version 3.11 Live

Version 3.11 is live for PlayStation 4 owners. This mandatory 250.4mb update adds yet more stability to a seemingly stable piece of hardware. “System…

Sam Tree Nov 09, 2015 Comments

Version 3.0 is Live for the PlayStation 4 and Here's Everything Y…

Version 3.0 is now live for the PlayStation 4; the new update provides a number of new features to enhance gamers overall experience with the console.…

Sam Tree Oct 01, 2015 Comments

Fancy Yourself as a Beta Tester for the PlayStation 4 Version 3.0…

Sony have started accepting sign-ups from PlayStation 4 owners who are interested in becoming beta testers for the upcoming version 3.0 firmware.

Sam Tree Aug 19, 2015 Comments

Firmware Version 2.57 for the PS4 is Now Live

Sony has gone ahead and pushed out version 2.57 for the PlayStation 4. Booting up your system while connected to the internet will prompt your system…

Sam Tree Jul 22, 2015 Comments

PS4 System update Version 2.55 Available to Update Now

Sony has updated the PlayStation 4 to version 2.55 firmware. This is a mandatory update so users will be required to update before they can regain onl…

Sam Tree Jul 01, 2015 Comments

3DS Firmware Version 9.7.0-25 Ready to Download

Nintendo has released version 9.7.0-25 for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS family of consoles. The firmware does not add any major features and is ready to…

Sam Tree Apr 21, 2015 Comments

PlayStation 4 Firemware 2.5 is Live

The PlayStation 4 2.5 update, code named “Yukimura” is now live. Adding the feature to suspend your game mid session and then resume upon system wake,…

Sam Tree Mar 26, 2015 Comments

Nintendo 3DS Firmware Version 9.6.0-24 is Live

Another update for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has been rolled out, adding amiibo functionality to the older consoles. Although a peripheral wi…

Sam Tree Mar 24, 2015 Comments

Nintendo 3DS Firmware Updated to 9.5.0-23

A quick and simple update with the change log showing that only stability and usability have been further improved.

Sam Tree Mar 03, 2015 Comments

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 9.5.0-22 Out Now

Nintendo has updated the firmware for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS family to version 9.5. A simple update with nothing more stated other than fur…

Sam Tree Feb 03, 2015 Comments

PlayStation Vita Losing Maps and YouTube Apps

In the next of many nails in the coffin of the PlayStation Vita, Sony have announced they will be “terminating” the Map and YouTube apps on the troubl…

Sam Tree Jan 28, 2015 Comments

3DS Firmware Update Blocks NINJHAX Exploit

Nintendo have released firmware version 9.4.0-21 for the 3DS family of consoles which has blocked the use of the NINJHAX exploit.

Sam Tree Dec 12, 2014 Comments

3DS Updated to Version 9.3.0-21

Nintendo have updated their 3DS family of consoles (and presumably the 2DS family) to version 9.3.0-21. With a few minor additions being added to this…

Sam Tree Dec 10, 2014 Comments

PlaySation 3 Version 4.66 Live and Mandetory

Sony have updated their PlayStation 3 system to version 4.66, and as it happens, it is a compulsory update. You will need to update to this version if…

Sam Tree Nov 19, 2014 Comments

PS4 Version 2.02 is Now Live

Version 2.02 is now live, fixing a few issue which were born of the milestone update 2.0.

Sam Tree Nov 12, 2014 Comments

PSVita Version 3.35 Live

An update for Sony’s PSViata and its TV top box style alternative the PS TV has been released.

Sam Tree Nov 01, 2014 Comments

3DS Firmware 9.1.0-20 is Now Live

After last months update which included themes, 9.1.0-20 is a little disappointing. Adding nothing of note accepting improving stability and user expe…

Sam Tree Oct 30, 2014 Comments

Share Play Lands Tomorrow on the PS4 with Version 2.0

Tomorrow will bring a new day, and new features to the PlayStation 4. Share Play offers gamers the ability to share their games with their friends, ev…

Sam Tree Oct 27, 2014 Comments

3DS System Version 9.0.0-20 Live

Version 9.0.0-20 is now live for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Announced at the end of August, the themes will allow you to dress your homepage…

Sam Tree Oct 07, 2014 Comments

PSVita 3.30 Update Live - With Themes!

Sony have released version 3.30 of the PSVita firmware, adding theme support to the console. Much like Nintendo have revealed with the 3DS, the themes…

Sam Tree Oct 02, 2014 Comments

PS3 System Software Version 4.65 Available for Download

The PlayStation 3 system firmware has been updated to version 4.65. The update is optional, meaning you do not need to install it to continue playing…

Sam Tree Aug 26, 2014 Comments

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