Stargate 3DS Flash Card Review

The Stargate 3DS Flash Card is considered to be a one-size fits all device for Nintendo 3DS owners, with the ability to run backup 3DS ROMS, Nintendo…

Sam Tree Jan 03, 2018 Comments

7 Features Every Future-Proof Gaming Headset Must Have

Want to have the perfect gaming experience? Then you need the right sound system. Having a subwoofer and surround speakers around you might seem like…

Glacier Gaming Nov 12, 2017 Comments

Third Party Wireless Controller "Trident PRO-S" Available Now for…

Players looking for an affordable wireless controller for their Nintendo Switch have been out of luck as of late. The only options being the official…

Sam Tree Nov 07, 2017 Comments

R4i-B9S DS Flashcard Review

The R4i-B9S is the newest entry into a long line of Nintendo DS flashcards produced and distributed by the R4i team. The card comes pre-flashed with N…

Sam Tree Oct 27, 2017 Comments

Venom Joins the Switch Accessory Party

Hot on the heels of Nyko’s announcement of their Nintendo Switch Charge Blocks, Venom has announced The Quad Charging Station and in-car Car Charge Ki…

Sam Tree Aug 17, 2017 Comments

Nyko Announce Two New Charging Accessories for the Nintendo Switc…

Nyko has today announced two new accessories to help keep your Switch gear charged: the Charge Block and Charge Block Pro.

Sam Tree Aug 15, 2017 Comments

Snakebyte Announces One of the First Third Party Switch Controlle…

Snakebyte has announced one of the worlds first third-party controllers for the Nintendo Switch. Heavily inspired by the Pro Controller, the GAME:PAD…

Sam Tree Jul 28, 2017 Comments

Venom Release Gaming Headset with Vibration Feedback

UK gaming peripheral specialist Venom releases virtual 7.1 surround sound headset that’s not only multi-format compatible but also features smart vibr…

Sam Tree Jul 25, 2017 Comments

Venom Announces the 'Arcade Fight Stick'

UK based gaming accessory designer and manufacturer, Venom, has today announced a new peripheral that’s sure to delight beat-em-up and arcade goers al…

Sam Tree Jun 29, 2017 Comments

Netgear's Nighthawk S8000 Switch is the Perfect Hub for Any House…

We take our internet connection for granted. We do. We plug in our routers and leave them be. Working tirelessly night and day the overlooked devices…

Sam Tree Jun 28, 2017 Comments

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