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Browser Games VS. Native Apps: Who Gets the Edge?

Mobile gaming used to be simple – you pick up a phone and just play whatever is there. Now, with the array of options available, you have tons of deci…

Glacier Gaming Apr 10, 2017 Comments

Could The Fractured But Whole Be Coming to the Switch?

With the news that South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed yet again, could it be possible that the team is working to port the game to N…

Sam Tree Mar 14, 2017 Comments

Why the PC is the Way Forward

In the gaming world, the PC is considered to be the king of all, with consoles being the lords and ladies of the court; they’re great but just not qui…

Glacier Gaming Mar 11, 2017 Comments

Top Tips to Play Better at Titanfall 2’s Multiplayer

Titanfall 2 can have a pretty steep learning curve if you’ve not played the original, or if you’re just starting out. It can be even worse if you opt…

Glacier Gaming Nov 17, 2016 Comments

Five video games I want to see remastered

Remastering video games is a relatively recent phenomenon, and a hot potato in discussions amongst the gaming community. There’s a definitive split b…

Daryll Marsh Sep 21, 2016 Comments

5 Fighting Games That Would Kill On Modern Consoles

Street Fighter; Mortal Kombat; Tekken; Marvel vs. Capcom; Super Smash Bros. Fighting games like these have always been incredibly popular on the leadi…

Glacier Gaming Jul 08, 2016 Comments

What's Next for Naughty Dog?

With Uncharted 4 less than two months away from release, I’ve been wondering what will Naughty Dog’s next project be? The Santa Monica-based studio h…

Daryll Marsh Mar 21, 2016 Comments

Will Microsoft's Acceptance of Cross-Platform Play End the Consol…

As some of you may know, Microsoft have announced that they will be opening the closed network that Xbox One connects to, which will allow players to…

Sam Tree Mar 16, 2016 Comments

Games We’d Like to See on the PC in 2016

2015 is a distant memory and the harsh realisation that 2016 is here to stay has finally set in for many – the first day back at work after the holida…

Sam Tree Jan 07, 2016 Comments

[Point of View] Sam's Five Best Games of 2015

2016 looks to be a great year for gaming, but let’s not forget the games that made the last twelve months just as good. Here are my top five favourite…

Sam Tree Jan 03, 2016 Comments

[Point of View] Nick's Five Best Games of 2015

2015 has been and gone, so let’s look back at the games from the last twelve months that really stuck out.

Nick Phillips Jan 01, 2016 Comments

[Point of View] Justin's Five Best Games of 2015

2016 is nearly upon us, and the world of gaming – in my opinion – is still looking a little desolate. When the idea of choosing 5 games to write about…

Justin Morgan Dec 30, 2015 Comments

[Point of View] Daryll's Five Best Games of 2015

The year is coming to an end, and what a year it’s been for gaming. To celebrate 2016 we thought we would list our favourites from the last twelve mon…

Daryll Marsh Dec 28, 2015 Comments

Yes, Video Games are Actually Good For You

For many years, the merits of video games have been debated. While most people probably just play them for fun, some folks always have to quantify and…

Glacier Gaming Nov 23, 2015 Comments

Point of View: Do Yearly Releases Cheapen the Gaming Experience?…

We all have that one game series that we can’t resist. Publishes relentlessly pump them out one after another, year after year. Sure, it’s great for p…

Sam Tree Nov 03, 2015 Comments

FIFA 16: Getting it Right with your Career Mode Goalkeeper

When it comes to your FIFA 16 Career Mode, getting the right goalkeeper can be crucial to your hopes of enjoying some success and of not launching you…

Glacier Gaming Oct 22, 2015 Comments

Point of View: We Should Support More Kickstarters

Kickstarter is the most important thing to happen for gaming in the last 5 years. Here is why.

Justin Morgan Sep 14, 2015 Comments

Point of View: My Thoughts on Destiny's Vault of Glass

Finally myself and Edgy managed to tackled The Vault of Glass, Destiny’s only current raid. And after nearly three painstaking hours of death, death a…

Sam Tree Nov 30, 2014 Comments

Point of View: Pokemon GTS Rant

Like many of you, I’ve fallen prey to Pokemon X and Y. I spent months wanting, and now that I’ve got it, I’ve spent hours playing it. It’s an amazing…

Sam Tree Oct 24, 2013 Comments

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