RETROspective Articles

Gaming On The Go - A RETROspective

After a four-month layoff due a combination of heavy writer’s block and a stupidly busy winter holiday period, I thought now was the right time to bri…

Daryll Marsh Mar 23, 2017 Comments

Video Game Peripherals - A RETROspective

Until very recently the best way to immerse yourself in a game the ability to use a peripheral – a device that was able to be connected to a computer…

Daryll Marsh Oct 06, 2016 Comments

Basketball Video Games - A RETROspective

For this month’s RETROspective, I thought I’d focus on another passion of mine – basketball. I fell in love with basketball in the early nineties, wh…

Daryll Marsh Sep 06, 2016 Comments

Licenced Games - A RETROspective

Licenced video games, ones based on an established property in other media, have existed since the earliest days of video gaming. There is an obvious…

Daryll Marsh Aug 02, 2016 Comments

Interactive Movie Games - A RETROspective

For this month’s RETROspective, I thought I’d focus on another subject dear to my heart – interactive movie games. Ask any gamer what springs to mind…

Daryll Marsh Jul 05, 2016 Comments

Wrestling Video Games - A RETROspective

Over the years there have been plenty of licensed and unlicensed wrestling games, both good and bad. In the early days of video games, grappling game…

Daryll Marsh Jun 04, 2016 Comments

Ninja Video Games - a RETROspective

The recent release of Lince Work’s trailer for their upcoming third-person stealth adventure game Aragami got me thinking of all the ninja games I’ve…

Daryll Marsh Apr 25, 2016 Comments

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