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New Sonic Mania Gameplay Features Knuckles the Echidna

SEGA has released a new gameplay video featuring the world’s favourite echidna, Knuckles. The short video gives players a look at the Flying Battery Z…

Sam Tree May 12, 2017 Comments

Animated Trailer for Sonic Mania Released Ahead of Launch

Sonic and friends speed onto consoles tomorrow in Sonic Maina (the PC version has regrettably been delayed until the end of the month) and to celebrat…

Sam Tree Aug 14, 2017 Comments

The Sonic Mania Opening Animation is Classic Sonic at His Best…

Ahead of the game’s release next week, SEGA has released the opening animation for Sonic Mania featuring everyone’s favourite blue Hedgehog, flying Fo…

Sam Tree Aug 11, 2017 Comments

SEGA Announces 'Sonic Mania' and 'Sonic 2017'

During a sold-out event at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, SEGA announced two new Sonic games. ‘Sonic: Mania’ and an as-of-yet unnamed titled, codename…

Sam Tree Jul 24, 2016 Comments

SEGA Announce Competition Mode for Sonic Mania

On the heels of last weeks announcement that Sonic Mania will feature a Time Attack mode, SEGA has today revealed that Sonic Mania will also feature a…

Sam Tree Aug 08, 2017 Comments

SEGA Delays PC Version of Sonic Mania

What might come as a disappointment to some, SEGA has confirmed that Sonic Mania for the PC has been delayed until the end of the month.

Sam Tree Aug 11, 2017 Comments

Bonus Stages and Time Attack Mode Unveiled for Sonic Mania

SEGA has announced that Sonic Mania, which releases in a couple of weeks, will feature Special Stages as well as a Time Attack mode.

Sam Tree Aug 03, 2017 Comments

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